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Leadership Opportunities


The Crew is responsible for nearly everything Summer in the City does. Think of it as an internship where you can actually run the program. Most of our Crew members are high school graduates. Current high school students who have significant volunteer experience with Summer in the City may also be considered.

While the Crew certainly has more responsibility than the volunteers, the positions remain … Fun, Flexible, and Fulfilling. Crew members ensure that campers have the best day of the summer every day, murals are worthy of national commercials, and gardens grow greener. Crew members are only required to commit to two days per week; however, the more you are able to commit, the more responsibility and opportunity you will have. Finally, we work with each Crew member to ensure that the work he or she does is relevant and rewarding.

Crew members generally start in earnest in early June. There will be orientation(s) where the basics of Summer in the City are covered along with an overview of how the rest of the summer will transpire. Summer in the City is a “volunteer enterprise.” Some Crew positions receive a stipend, while others are unpaid. We will work with you to find potential funding sources or receive course credit for your time if you let us know early enough. And we’ll reimburse you for driving and make sure you’re well fed.


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