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Summer is, ultimately, too short. Our volunteers and campers make myriad memories under the hot sun and then, in the blink of an eye, it's time to head back to school. We hope everyone concludes camp and commences school with the confidence, compassion and courage to be the change they wish to see in Detroit.

And backpacks. Backpacks are our humble way to send our campers back to school with a few tools (and a long-lasting high five) that will help them along their academic journeys until we see them again.

Through some industrious bargain hunting and generous in-kind donations, we can outfit each and every Summer in the City camper for the low, low price of $5:

  • A backpack. As you may have suspected.
  • 3 children's books. To build their home libraries.
  • A spiral notebook. Wide-ruled rules!
  • Crayons. So, so many crayons.
  • Anything else we can get our hands on by August 10.

We will have the privilege of playing with over 500 campers this summer and we want to make sure everyone gets the star treatment.

Thank you on behalf of all the little kids and big kids (and overgrown kids) at Summer in the City for helping make this year our most backpacktastic yet.

Finale Friday

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